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Only A Dad

June 17, 2012

In honor of my father who I miss very much:


(by Edgar A. Guest)

Only a dad with a tired face,

Coming home from daily race,

Bringing little of gold or fame

To show how well he has played the game;

But glad in his heart that his own rejoice

To see him come and to hear his voice.


Only a dad with a brood of four,

One of ten million men or more

Plodding along in the daily strife,

Bearing the whips and the scorns of life,

With never a whimper of pain or hate,

For the sake of those who at home await.


Only a dad, neither rich nor proud,

Merely one of the surging crowd,

Toiling, striving from day to day,

Facing whatever may come his way,

Silent whenever the harsh condemn,

And bearing it all for the love of them.


Only a dad but he gives his all,

To smooth the way for his children small,

Doing with courage stern and grim

The deeds that his father did for him.

This is the line that for him I pen:

Only a dad, but the best of men.

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Betsy Cushman permalink
    June 17, 2012 6:20 am

    Lucky, lucky we were in our fathers! Thanks for that.

  2. June 19, 2012 6:45 pm

    I miss my dad too…

    • June 21, 2012 9:45 am

      We were lucky to have them as long as we did, though. 😦

  3. June 23, 2012 9:17 pm

    What a wonderful tribute!

    • June 24, 2012 12:04 pm

      Yes, I think Mr. Guest said it very well, didn’t he?

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